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Interesting Stuff for Mortgage Brokers

Learn Commercial Mortgage Finance Using Our 9-Hour Video Program. You can learn the entire profession in just one day of intensive training. You will receive a step-by-step marketing manual, a 50 page underwriting manual, a sample commercial loan package, packaging forms, and my famous $350 fee agreement - all for just $499.  One of my trainees, Joe Veltri of Morgantown, West Virginia, recently earned a $140,000 loan fee when he financed a shopping mall.

Find Your Own Private Investors.  Fund and Service Your Own Deals.   The real money in mortgage banking is made on the back end in the form of servicing.  You can only service loans for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac if you have a big net worth, but you'll never build a big net worth hacking loans for one or two lousy points.  Servicing your own hard money loans is the solution.

Earn $5,000 Referral Fees in Your Sleep.   Do you have a mortgage or real estate web page?  Simply create a button or banner that says "Commercial Mortgages" and point it to our wonderful on-line commercial mortgage application system.  Your clients will enjoy access to this wonderful system for free (a competitor charges $695 per year to access his system), and you will earn 1/8th of a point on any loan that closes.

Earn $2,000 Every Time You Blast Out Your E-Mail Newsletter.  Do you send out an email newsletter to real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and/or investors?  If so you can earn huge referral fees by simply imbedding a hyperlink at the bottom of your newsletter.

Learn to Underwrite Commercial Mortgage Loans - Only $199.  Our Income Property Underwriting Manual is so easy to read that a residential loan agent can sit down and in just 90 minutes he will be able to underwrite multi-million dollar commercial loans like a pro.  The best deal is buying our Combo Package described below.

Learn How to Market for Commercial Mortgage Loans - Only $199.  There are dozens of ways to waste money advertising for commercial mortgage loans.  Only a tiny handful of methods actually work.  I know. I have been soliciting commercial mortgage loans for 23 years.  Learn the methods that work as easily and effectively as turning on a faucet.  The best deal is buying our Combo Package described below.

Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement Prepared by an Attorney Only $199.  If you aren't using a fee agreement, your borrower will know that you are a rookie.  If you are using a homemade fee agreement, you will quickly learn that it costs more to enforce in terms of legal fees than the amount of your commission.  When you have just lost a $10,000 commission, and your attorney is asking for a $15,000 retainer, wise up and order my famous fee agreement.  Stop the madness!  The best deal is our Combo Package described below.

Combo Package: Get All 3 Commercial Financing Tools For Just $249.  By buying our Combo Package, you can receive for just $249 all of the following: our Income Property Underwriting Manual, our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Manual (this offer does not include the 90-minute marketing training video), and our famous Fee Agreement (this offer does not include our 90-minute fee collection video).  Armed with these 3 manuals, you can become a near-expert in commercial mortgage finance. 

Earn a $2,000 Referral Fee For One Quick Phone Call or E-Mail.  We pay a 20% referral fee for commercial mortgage leads.  All we need is a name and a telephone number.

Add a Commercial Mortgage Division to Your Residential Mortgage Company. You are paying a fortune to keep your doors open.  You can't afford to throw away good commercial leads.  For only $4,500 I will fly out to your office and train your entire staff in commercial mortgage underwriting and origination.  Suddenly your income potential doubles with no increase in monthly overhead.  I have already trained more than 50 companies.

Need an Expert Witness?
Mr. Blackburne is available to assist private investors as an expert witness who have lost money due to the fraudulent conduct of brokers. Where a mortgage broker is unjustly accused of fraud, he is also avilable to testify as an expert.

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