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Our Favorite, Most Recommended Web Sites
(Feel free to visit any of these, but do remember to bookmark this site first!)

Welcome to our list of favorite links. Where possible we've supplied a short description. Have a Web site you'd like to add here? Just e-mail George.

Appraisal Services

Leeper Appraisal Services--Southern California real estate appraisal service.

Employment Services

LANI.COM--a specialty niche company that offers employment staffing services to the mortgage banking, commercial banking, and consumer finance industries.

Office Space Information and Referral Services

OfficeFinder -- Need office space? We can help with free information, tools and a network of highly qualified local experts in over 300 markets.

Real Estate Industry Data & News

Apartment Comps--a resource of live market data for property investors and real estate professionals

Real Estate Directories & Portals

Northeast Commercial Real Estate Online is an Internet tool designed specifically for the commercial real estate professional with a New Jersey to Maine focus. This informational resource has the complete support, backing, and publishing credibility of both The New York Real Estate Journal and The New England Real Estate Journal, the industry standard since 1963.

Real Estate Cyberspace Society

Tax Lien Listings and Investments is the largest Web marketing and information source for tax lien listings and tax lien investments.

Web Site Developers

Specialized Marketing Agency--really cool, hardworking, speedy, professional Web site design having the full recommendation and overwhelming support of George Blackburne of Blackburne and Brown Mortgage Company, Inc.



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