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Once upon a time there was a boy named Johnny Realtor.  Johnny was a clever boy.  In fact, Johnny was one of the first real estate brokers to create a big web site; but he never really made the kind of money he was hoping for over the internet.

Then one day Johnny ran across a really cool site called C-Loans® (http://www.cloans.com).  C-Loans® is a web site that helps brokers and investors find commercial mortgage loans. 

Johnny contacted the owner of C-Loans® , an attorney named George, and asked if George would create for him a private label version of C-Loans® .   George said, "Sure!"  Soon Johnny's real estate web site was hosting the Johnny Realtor Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank

What a hit!  Almost daily Johnny received e-mails from wealthy commercial property investors thanking Johnny for providing this free commercial mortgage lender databank.  Many said they had bookmarked Johnny's site so they be could sure to find the databank again.

George set up the databank so that whenever an internet surfer did a search of the Johnny Realtor Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank, George's computer automatically e-mailed a copy of the data to Johnny.  Johnny had the perfect introduction.  "I see, Mr. Investor, that you used our commercial lender databank.  Was it helpful?  Have you identified a property yet?  No?   Well, I just happen to have a listing on a $3 million apartment building ..."  Soon Johnny was meeting hungry commercial real estate buyers from all over the country.   Johnny was smart.  He saved each of their needs for future reference.

Then, four months later, George suddenly called.  "Johnny, I have referral fee check here for you for $5,000."  Wow!  Five thousand dollars out of the blue!

Apparently Johnny's lender databank automatically beamed leads back to George's commercial mortgage company.   When the first loan closed four months later, George paid Johnny a 20% referral fee.  And best of all, Johnny had a whole parade of other loans in process. 

As Johnny dangled the juicy check in front of his happy wife, Johnny thought to himself, "This is the easiest money I've ever made.  I spent just seven minutes creating a hyper link on my web site that said Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank.  Now I can look forward to a $4,000 to $6,000 referral fee check every few weeks."  Johnny's pretty wife looked great in a string bikini on a beach in Hawaii, and she made sure Johnny was "happy" too.  They lived happily ever after.

My name is George Blackburne, III.  I am a real estate attorney and the owner of Blackburne & Brown Mortgage Company, Incorporated, one of the oldest commercial mortgage companies in the nation.  You'll find us listed on page 205 of the prestigious Crittenden Directory.  Among the major companies using a private label version of our commercial mortgage lender databank is Stewart Tittle.

Our databank contains the current loan rates of 750 commercial mortgage lenders nationwide.  Your brokers will want to hand one of these custom-created lender reports to every prospective buyer.  To see the results of a sample lender search, simply click here.

When a wealthy investor performs a search, a copy of the lead is beamed immediately to one of our loan officers.  When the deal closes, you'll be paid a 20% referral fee.   It's that simple.

Here's what a sample private label commercial mortgage lender databank looks like -


Yours will look the same, except your company name will be at the top, instead of Dealmakers.

This is the ultimate no-brainer.  Simply create a hyper link or button on your site that says, "Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank".  Please link it to http://www.blackburne.com/yourshortcompanynamewithnospaces.   For example, for Johhny Realtor we might use "...blackburne.com/johnny" and for Stewart Title we used "...blackburne.com/stewart". 

Then just send me an e-mail to george@blackburne.com that says, "George, I have created a button (or hyper link) on our website labeled "Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank" or "Commercial Lenders".   My website address is http://www.mycompany.com.   I have pointed the button (or hyper link) to http://www.blackburne.com/myshortcompanynamewithnospaces "

That's it.  We'll create a private label version of our databank just for your company - for example, the East Nevada Realty Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank - within minutes.  Your webmaster can create this button or hyper link in less than 20 minutes. 

Then you can sit back and look forward to a potentially delicious stream of $4,000 to $6,000 checks.  So stop diddling and create the hyper link.  The very week I wrote this web page, a referring site beamed us a $12 million lead.  That's a $24,000 referral fee when the deal closes.  There could be a big fish nibbling on your web page right now.

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