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Be smart. Study this term sheet carefully. Blackburne & Brown is a totally unique commercial lender who will save your bacon again and again.  

Think private money. Think fast, easy paperwork. Think common sense underwriting and twenty-four hour approvals. And there are no up-front fees, other than customary third party reports (and really cheap third party report fees at that!).

Then forget about high points. Forget about short term loans.  Forget about prepayment penalties and lock-outs. We offer a 15 year loan with no prepayment penalty for only 2.5 points. Wow! If you are an industry veteran, you can really appreciate a loan fee of only 2.5 points for a fast, private money loan, especially one with a 15 year term.  (We can offer 15 year loans for only 2.5 points because we charge our private investors a very profitable 1.9% loan servicing fee.)  We even have a six month bridge loan program for only 1 point.

Never assume your client won't pay our admittedly higher interest rates.  Our points are super low, our loans have no prepayment penalty, and sometimes wealthy folks simply need the cash. In fact, many of our clients are extraordinarily wealthy. They prefer speed and convenience over paperwork hassles and endless bank delays.

We recommend that you submit a duplicate loan package, and let us issue a loan approval letter.  Show it to your client.  Let him use it to pressure an existing lender.  Let your client know that the money is readily available if he truly needs it right now.





Permanent first mortgages
Bridge loans (first mortgage position only)
Sorry, no second mortgages or construction loans.



Minimum loan:  $150,000 (maybe lower on a case-by-case basis)
Maximum loan:  $2,000,000 (maybe up to $2.5 million on a case-by-case basis)


Almost every type of rental property, except one-to-four family dwellings. Therefore we will lend on multi-family properties, office, retail, industrial, warehouse, mixed use, single family homes converted to commercial, self-storage, mobile home parks, trailer parks, motels, hotels, single room occupancy (SRO) properties, residential care homes, congregate care, skilled nursing facilities, convascent hositals, restaurants, bars, nudie bars, auto repair, gas stations (only if new double-walled tanks and the required monitoring equipment has already been installed - we will not finance their installation), churches and even land.
Our most preferred properties are residential care homes (old folks homes) and nudie bars.


8.9% to 12.9% fixed for the first 5 years.  Adjustable thereafter for the remaining 10 years.

Index - One year constant Maturity Treasuries (2.94% as of 10/6/03).
Margin - 8.31% to 10.31%
Higher start rate is for less attractive properties

1.5 - 3.5 points + $950  (2.5 points is typical)

We charge only 2.5 points + $950 on most of our loans
We would go as low as 1.5 points for a gorgeous property less than 10 years old.
We will probably charge 3.5 points if the property is older than 25 years old or ugly.

No prepayment penalty
Legal fees in California: $600 Outside of California: $2,000 to $3,000
Third Party Reports
     General Certified Appraisal: $1,900 to $2,800
     Toxic Report: $1,075- $2,500


Note - We Make Six Month Bridge Loans For Only One Point!

12.9% - 13.9% fixed
1 point + $950
Six months
No prepayment penalty


Who Cares? We're Mainly an Equity Lender!

Debt service coverage ratios of less than 1.0 are regularly permitted if the borrower can clearly handle the negative cash flow.


We Allow Lots of Junior Financing.  Maybe Even 100% of the Purchase Price!
Cut Our LTV's By 7% (Example: from 65% to 58%) If the Seller Carries Balance of Purchase Price (Zero Down)

65% maximum LTV on rental-type commercial properties (maybe 70% if less than 10 years old)

Apartment Buildings (5+ units) We do not finance 1-4 family dwellings
Office Buildings
Retail Buildings
Strip Centers and Shopping Centers
Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
Auto Repair Buildings
Mobile Home Parks and Trailer Parks
Mini-Warehouse (Self Storage)
Mixed Use Properties

55% maximum LTV on business-type properties

Hotels and Motels
Restaurants and Bars (unless the building is basically just a box - then maybe 65% LTV)
Residential Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Convalescent Hospitals
Gas Stations, Churches, Nudie Bars, etc.


No land development or construction loans
We lend on the value of the land right now in its raw, undeveloped state.
Of course you can use the proceeds for anything you want (gambling, land development costs, etc.)
40% maximum LTV on land ready economically to be developed right now (surrounded by buildings)

25%-35% maximum LTV ratio on land in the path of growth but not surrounded by buildings
10%-25% maximum LTV on remote land (remote land loans require the personal guaranty of a strong borrower)

Land loan rates:  14.9% - 15.9% fixed, 3.5 points + $950, 3 years (maybe 5 years), interest-only.


Loan Officer:  Mike Thurman  (916) 338-3232

Apply for a Commercial Mortgage RIGHT NOW!

We are a private money lender, so we don't need a whole lot of paperwork. If your package includes color photos, we can often approve your loan the same day.




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