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In one day I can increase a small mortgage company's income by $20,000 per month. The income of a larger company with ten or more agents could easily increase by $50,000 per month. In one day.

What is your company's current monthly overhead? Five thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? More? It's crazy to pay that kind of money to keep your doors open and then to not have a commercial mortgage division generating money for you. Every month your loan agents are throwing away huge commercial commissions. You can't afford to burn cash like that.

For only $2,000 I will train you here in Plymouth, Indiana how to originate commercial mortgage loans. It's easy. I have done it over 50 times. You will learn how to use C-Loans to find all the lenders you need to place commercial mortgage loans up to $100 million. Then you'll be all set to bring in an extra $20,000 to $50,000 in income per month. It's hard to imagine a better investment than a one-time training fee of $2,000 that teaches even a one-man shop how to earn an extra $20,000 per month for the rest of his career.

If you have an office full of loan agents, I'll fly anywhere in the country and train your entire staff for just $4,500. From this amount I will pay my own travel, lodging, and transportation expenses. Imagine the increase in your bottom line if every residential loan agent in your organization was capable of originating commercial deals. Virtually every lead that was fell in your lap would be a potential source of income

The training sessions last nine hours, with a one-hour break for lunch and two fifteen breaks. You're going to get your money's worth. You will learn all about pro forma operating statements, operating expense ratio analysis, debt service coverage ratios, loan constants, reserves for vacancy, collection loss and replacements, off-site and on-site management factors, gross leases versus full service leases versus industrial gross leases versus triple net leases, scheduled rents versus effective rents, and how to prepare operating statements on substantially vacant buildings. You will also learn how to look at a package and determine what type of lender is likely to fund the deal - a life company versus a bank versus a conduit, etc. We cover so much material so fast that one recent attendee called it the fastest nine hours of his life.

I am going to teach you a whole lot more than just the theory of commercial mortgage finance. I am going to teach you how to make money doing it. That is my goal, first and foremost. One the items you will receive as part of the package is my famous loan broker fee agreement. Did you know that I am licensed attorney? I am in my soul a mortgage broker, but I got so fed up with borrowers cheating me out of my fee that I went back to law school at age 33. I graduated with honors and then designed this fee agreement. I have sold hundreds of copies at $350 each. You will receive a copy for free, along with 45 minutes of battle and horror stories about to avoid getting cheated.

I am also going to teach you how to package commercial mortgage loans quickly and easily. A lot of guys build these gorgeous, book-like packages. Nonsense. I'll teach you a quick and easy way to package that will allow you to make up four commercial loan packages in the time it takes you to make up one residential package.

Each of your loan agents will also receive an Income Property Underwriting Manual. This manual was originally written for my own company to allow me to turn a residential loan agent into productive commercial agent in just one afternoon. You will be amazed at how I take you by the hand and make every concept so simple, logical and understandable. I'll even teach you how to fill out every line of a pro forma operating statement - even when you have to wing it with very little information

But all the training in the world won't make you a dime if you don't have leads. I am known in California as a marketing whiz. I have tried 100 ways of generating commercial mortgage leads. Ninety-five of them failed. So I tried them again and again. The results were the same. Only certain techniques work, and I am going to share them with you. In fact, I am going to teach you how to build a booming commercial mortgage practice in just three months!

Who am I to teach you commercial mortgage finance? You already know that I am an attorney, but you should also know that my undergraduate degree was in finance. In addition I have an M.B.A. in finance, and I am a certified real estate appraiser. I have testified as an expert in Superior Court on mortgage loan matters on numerous occasions. Most importantly, I am the original founder and sole owner of Blackburne & Brown Mortgage Company, Incorporated, a 22 year old private money commercial mortgage company servicing $52MM in private money loans (for a 190 basis point fee).

Theory is great, but it doesn't help you to win the affections of the head cheerleader. Mulah. Money. This is the object of the game. When I leave your office, not only will you know all about commercial mortgage underwriting, but you will also know how to market for loans and how to collect big fees. How big? Straight up? No B.S.? When I leave, you - the founder of your company, the guy with the moxy and energy - should be able to generate an extra $240,000 per year in gross fees, in addition to your normal residential business. For each follower-type loan officer, you can add another $60,000 per year. And if you have some young dynamo working for you, a guy freed from management hassles to just sell, he could easily generate another $400,000 in gross fees per year. So we are talking about some nice numbers here.

If you would like more information about adding a commercial division to your existing residential mortgage business, please call me, George Blackburne, at 916-338-3232. Or you can e-mail me.

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For more information contact:

George Blackburne, III, Esq.
Blackburne & Brown Mortgage Company, Inc.
4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, California 95841
Telephone: (916) 338-3232
Fax: (916) 338-2328



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4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95841 telephone: (916) 338-3232 * Fax: (916) 338-2328
Real Estate Broker -- California Department of Real Estate -- License Number 829677

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