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Become a Direct Private Money Lender

Earn $65,000 Per Month Servicing Private Money Loans

I can radically change your life.  My name is George Blackburne, and I own a large hard money mortgage company named Blackburne & Brown.

Right now you probably hack loans to institutional lenders.  What a miserable existence!  You are always short of money, and you start out every month unemployed.  If you don't go out and hustle up some new loans, you'll starve the following month.

What if you had 700 rich private investors who trusted you?  What if they gave you $40 million of their money to lend out, and they allowed you to service their loans for a handsome 1.9% annual fee?  You would earn $65,000 every month in servicing income, whether you closed a loan or not!

"Sure, George, but where am I going to find 700 wealthy private investors who are going to let me service $40 million in loans?  It's extremely hard to win the trust of wealthy private investors."

I did it, and I'll teach you exactly how you can do it too.  It's not easy, but if you are well-educated, articulate, meticulously honest and relentlessly diligent, you can build your own $40 million company in just five years.

I teach a very advanced course entitled, "How to Find Private Mortgage Investors".  This five-hour video tape course includes a 100 page workbook.

In this course you will learn countless ways to waste tens of thousands of dollars trying in vain to find private mortgage investors.  I know.  I tried them all.   I wasted soooo much money on methods that totally flopped. 

Then I will teach you seven methods that work like a charm, methods I personally used, and still use, to grow my own portfolio of investors. 

I will teach you exactly where to go to find good hard money loans, and I will also teach you how to find loans so cherry that first-time private investors won't be able to resist. 

Also included is a short form loan servicing agreement and a long form loan servicing agreement that converts into a property management agreement in the event of a foreclosure.  Finally, you will receive a sample 30 page Offering Circular, like a prospectus, that you can give to each investor.  This way your investors will go into these investments with their eyes open, and you will have a reasonable legal shield in the unfortunate event they should suffer a modest loss.

Being a hard money lender is heavenly compared to being a hack.  As a hard money broker, you earn much larger loan fees, and the servicing income gives you security and stability.  Plus you are the Loan Committee.  No more ridiculous turndowns of perfectly good loans.   Don't you just hate fighting with those prissy, power-hungry underwriters?

Let's suppose you arrange a $100,000 loan as just a hack.  You typically earn a paltry 1 point fee - $1,000. 

But if you arrange the loan as a hard money broker, you might make 5 points up-front and another 2% per year in servicing for 15 years.  That's $35,000 in potential income versus just $1,000. 

Can you see why its so important to become a direct lender?  The big money is made on the backside in the form of servicing annuities.

But I don't want to mislead you.  It's hard to find private mortgage investors - very hard.  That's why there are so few hard money brokers.  So don't buy this course thinking you are going to get rich overnight. 

In fact you shouldn't even consider buying this course unless you have been a top-producing mortgage broker for at least three years, and your English skills are absolutely impeccable.  But if you are an articulate salesman and a top-producing agent, you would be very foolish not to invest in this program. 

I hacked loans myself for nine, long, painful years, and I remember going three months without closing a deal on three separate ocassions.  It was horrible.   I was lucky my wonderful wife didn't leave me.

My whole life changed when I became a hard money broker.  My wife and I used to dream, "If only we could build the servicing income up to $2,000 per month.   Then we would always be able to make our house payment."  Now our servicing income is over $65,000 per month.  Can you imagine?  Wow.  God bless our investors for trusting us.

"Okay, George.  I'm not brain dead.  I wanna be the lender.  I want those big loan fees.  I don't want to fight with idiot underwriters anymore.  I wanna be Loan Committee.  And most of all, I want those big loan servicing annuities.   What do I do?"

Simply mail your check for $499, made payble to Blackburne & Brown Mortgage Company, Incorporated, to 4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95841.  You can also order right on-line.   Simply click below and give us your name, address, phone, fax, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card number, name on the card (if different from your own) and the expiration date. You can also fax your order to Alicia Gandy at 916-338-2328.  To order by phone, please call Alicia Gandy at 916-338-3232.

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Mail your check for $499 to:

Blackburne & Brown Mortgage Company, Inc.
ATTN:  Alicia Gandy
4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 338-3232
Fax:  (916) 338-2328



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4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95841 telephone: (916) 338-3232 * Fax: (916) 338-2328
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